Re-uploading this infamous epic video here, to share it with you, because in today’s world the powers that (shouldn’t) be keep censoring and deleting such information. Such actions from them only proves the legitimacy of the information in these videos.

In the words of the establishment: “if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about”…. so if there’s nothing truthful in the video, why remove it?

We’re supposed to have a freedom of speech and freedom of opinion, but once the speech and information start exposing dark agendas they start removing this freedom. To counter that we don’t need to fight, but awaken as many people as possible. Awake people can’t be manipulated. Ignorant people can be manipulated.

Do you really believe this shit? 😀 — you may ask? It doesn’t matter what I believe or don’t believe. It’s all about the matching puzzle pieces in the big picture, and how to be vigilant, awake, aware.

Ignorance can damage the ignorant person and others as well! Ignorance is indeed the root of evil on the planet. Ignorant people are easily programmed and manipulated. Deeply religious people and extreme atheists are often ignorant, for example.

There’s a difference between a conspiracy theory and a conspiracy. David Icke’s “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be real and true time and time again, one by one.