The Earth, as we know it, after being formed, has never been flat and never will be flat.

It’s very easy to prove that the Earth is a globe, and impossible to prove that it’s flat.

All the “evidence” the flat-earthers produce are either one or all of the following: illogical, nonsensical, incomplete, impossible, infantile, subjective, in a different reality of it’s own.

Comments from Youtube

I found the following comments on videos that clearly, coherently and scientifically debunk any and all flat Earth claims. Also flat Earth “evidence” videos exist which are completely illogical, so are most of the comments, I won’t list them here.

  1. I’m a pilot: I’ve publicly offered, in over a dozen FE online groups, to fly, and cover all costs for, a flight to edge of the Flat Earth. I set no parameters, no requirements, no assumptions, nada. Just a free flight to fame and stardom for any flat earther who wants to hop on board and film the infamous edge of the earth, ice wall, whatever is there, to destroy science once and for all. Within seconds or minutes of every single post in each group, I was kicked out and banned. That should tell you all you need to know about Flat Earth.
  2. I have a ‘theory’ that flat earthers actually have a flat brain.
  3. List of 10 things a flat earther can’t explain: 1: Flat earth
  4. If someone has truly lost their mind, you’ll never convince them of that. You’ll only end up losing your own in the process.
  5. “There’s two domes?”
    “Put together? Like a globe?”
  6. The problem with those people is that you could fly them individually up into space to see the globe, and they would accuse the manufacturer of the rocket of using optical illusions or CGI on the windows.
  7. Dude literally said “ignoring all of the facts that the earth is round” and then still disproved it the flat earth theory. I really tried to put myself in the flat earthers shoes and find arguments that made sense, but everything is so easily disproved I can’t even fully imagine how full grown adults are actually believing this.
  8. The only thing that flat earthers have to fear is sphere itself.
  9. What’s crazy is that they have to constantly adjust their theory to account for discrepancies in different observations, whereas a round earth model exactly fits with all observations. These people are really sad if they truly believe in FE.
  10. “It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.” – Bill Murray
  11. I knew a flat earther once, at first I thought she was joking. But no she truly believed it. One day she was on the west coast and I had her face time me, it was light here and dark there, I asked how that worked with her flat earth model, and she said “That’s a good question, but it’s probably the government”.
    No matter what evidence I showed her about it being round she would believe none of it because she never seen it with her own eyes. Like pictures of boats disappearing from the bottom up, “that’s just a picture, anybody can edit a picture” etc
  12. Five out of four flat Earthers have problems with math.
  13. I found the easiest way to silence a flat earther is to ask for EVIDENCE of a flat Earth.
  14. I debated a flat earther once. He stormed off saying he’d walk to the edge of the Earth to prove me wrong. He’ll come around – eventually.
  15. “No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.” – Mark Twain.
  16. I know a flat earther. I told him there wasn’t a lot of people that think the earth is flat, but their numbers are growing daily. Now they can be found all over the globe. He was like, “That’s because people are catching on to the truth.” He strutted off, totally missing the joke.😂
  17. 1990: teaching kids basic science.
    2020: teaching adults basic science.
  18. It’s not about the evidence. It’s about feeling ‘special’.
  19. I don’t think this is about knowledge – I think this is about wanting to belong and wanting to stand out. Being part of any select group that is different from most other people gives the members a sense of importance and worth. And when people feel they belong to a select group who are somehow above others, they will fight anyone and anything to protect that – even established truths and common sense. It is futile to debate someone like that, because they will resist any view of the world that contradics what they believe is real – because that will threaten the very foundation their sense of worth and community – in other words: Flat Earther’s are a Cult.
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