Jarvis AI is an innovative trading bot, part of the Cloud Token cryptocurrency wallet. If you’re not familiar with the Cloud Token wallet, then please learn more about the Cloud Token Wallet and the whole related business.

Forgot to assign funds?

Do you have some cryptocoins in your Cloud Token wallet, but you’re not making any profits? Here’s why.

Some of the Cloud Token Wallet users don’t know about Jarvis AI. Some users forget to assign their cryptocoins to Jarvis AI to make money passively. It is quite simple. I created a short guide below. I’m using ETH (Ethereum) in this example, but the same principle applies to all the coins the wallet supports.

Projects -> Jarvis AI

Step 1.

Have your Cloud Token wallet open, and tap on the Projects button on the left:

Step 2.

You’ll see a picture of Jarvis AI, it’s like a face of some sort. Tap on that.

Step 3.

You should see a list of different cryptocurrencies, similar to the wallet’s main page. Tap on the crypto you’d like to assign to Jarvis.

Step 4.

Tap on the MAX button to assign all the coins (unless you’d like to assign a smaller amount). Tap on Proceed. It is recommended to assign at least $500 worth of cryptocoins in order to participate in the bonus system.

Step 5.

It will say that the submission is being processed.

That was it!

You should see your first profits rolling in after 48 hours.


** They have recently said that the 10% penalty (if you retract your coins from Jarvis in less than 30 days) will be removed soon. This is great news!