That’s right, you CAN get free crypto, with no strings attached. This essentially means free money! However, the amounts are usually rather small, so please don’t expect to get rich overnight, unless… Well, possibly with the 5th way below.

If you’re new to the cryptocurrency world, then an opportunity to get free crypto coins can help you familiarize yourself with the whole concept. This way you’ll have no risk involved. You won’t lose any money if you happen to make a mistake.

Once you’re familiar with how the crypto works, and you’re feeling confident sending and receiving crypto coins, then you may want to purchase some crypto with actual money when you’re ready.

5 Ways to Get Free Crypto

  • Create a YoBit account, and go to the FreeCoins page (the link should be at the top of the page). No identity verification required.
  • Another way is on EXRATES, you can try that as well.ย  No identity verification required.
  • This one requires identity verification, and the free crypto coins payments are also a lot bigger here. I’m talking about Coinbase here. You can create a Coinbase account if you don’t have one yet, and then go to Coinbase Earn page to learn more.
  • Another way with Coinbase is by inviting people to join Coinbase. They will pay you around $10 USD per sign-up. Some terms and conditions may apply.
  • The most powerful way to earn free crypto would be with Cloud 2.0 Wallet. However, you would have to hold some decent amount of crypto coins in the wallet, on their Jarvis AI platform. That would generate free crypto for you. Read more here.

You see, it’s possible to get money for free, if you know where and how.

Good luck!