Some folks are calling Cloud Token a scam. They are judging everything without actual research or proof, especially at a beta or pre-launch period when it’s not really possible to tell what it is. Therefore I will list some of the most common questions and statements with known facts and information in form of Q and A.


Q #1: Would a scam be available on Apple Store?

A: No! Apple Store is extra picky regarding new apps. They have a time consuming verification process in order to keep any bad quality apps (especially frauds!) away. The Cloud Token app is available on Apple Store and Google Play store.


Q #2: Why isn’t CTO (the Cloud Token coin) listed on any exchanges and Coinmarketcap?

A: Public listing would make the coin price swing up and down, or even being used as a pump and dump coin. It’s not publicly exchangeable or listed in order to avoid huge swings. To keep it stable.


Q #3: It looks just like PlusToken, WoToken and others. What’s the difference?



Q #4: It looks like a pyramid scheme.

A: Many companies use network marketing and MLM in order to motivate people to invite more customers. Unfortunately, plain money moving schemes (often Ponzi schemes) are using the same type of marketing, because their interest is to have as much money pumped in as possible.

The difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme is the business itself. Do they offer any sustainable products or services? Or do they merely ask you to deposit and recruit people in order to make money? The pyramid schemes take your deposit, it’s non-refundable.

The structure of the Cloud Token referral system looks like a web instead of a pyramid. Any node in it can be a “top” earner.


Q #5: What if I invest my money and they will shut down and run away with my money?

A: Your money will not be “invested” or locked up. Your cryptocurrency will remain on the blockchain, and you’ll have the private key (currently for Ethereum). You don’t buy any packages, you don’t invest in a company. You only let a trading bot use your funds to make profits. Simple as that. You can take your funds elsewhere at any time if you feel the need. The only investing in this case would be investing in cryptocurrency. Basically, it’s like investing in gold or stocks, the same principle, different substance.


Q #6: Is there a trading bot at all? Or is it just a Ponzi scheme?

A: There are several demonstrations of the AI bot called Jarvis in action. Let’s see two of them here:

>>> JARVIS source code on Github:

Technology behind Cloud Token (Part 1)

Technology behind Cloud Token (Part 2)

In addition to that there are several other features that generate revenue and profits for the company.


Q #7: Who are the owners and leaders of the company? Are they unknown?

A: The team: . Normally many “investing companies” (also mining, trading, etc.) are hiding their team, only having some customer support agents available, and letting various “early investors and recruiters” do the “leading” and be public. Not the case with Cloud Token.


Q #8: But BehindMLM exposes Cloud Token as a scam!

A: They “expose” everything as a scam before testing or proving anything. The author usually judges many of his “scams” even before they have properly been launched. The author of behindmlm is a guy who has failed and lost money to shady MLM systems, now hating all of them.

Some actually say that he’s trying to prevent people from losing money online. But this coin has two sides. While he may actually save someone from financial losses, he also prevents people from gaining money online. He’s trying to scare people off so they would keep working “safely” on their 9-5 jobs.

I don’t even see black and white on his website. It looks all black to me.

There is another guy Ethan Vanderbuilt whose MO looks the same. It’s also rumored that both guys often get paid by the government agencies and central banks to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

Please see this video. It has some very good key points, and it exposes this behindmlm guy pretty well.

There are websites and blogs that have a slightly different angle to this. They take a company or opportunity and trash it with pure hate. Then they recommend you to invest in their suggested system… which is often trashed by the next guy out there!

Some people (including myself) have noticed that these guys don’t talk about real Ponzi schemes that are destined to collapse for sure. You may think that it’s because people would see it anyway without their help. No. Lots of people lose money with those, and the scammers run away with millions of dollars every time.

Why not talk about real scams? Things that can be proven as such? Instead of trashing something that actually works for long term, with absolutely no evidence of it being a Ponzi scheme.

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Cloud 2.0 Live Trading with an audience of 700 people in August 2019

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This is also a good video. Unfortunately the sound quality is not the best.

The bottom line

Cloud Token, Cloud 2.0, aimed for a long term success globally. It’s not meant to be a get rich quick “money pump” scheme which all tend to die. Cloud 2.0 is designed to be sustainable and profitable for years to come, providing easy and convenient payment options and much more.