The following was said by someone who worked as an investment banker for a year, he learned all the secrets the public doesn’t know.

A dark secret about money that 99% of people don’t know about. The banks don’t want you to know this. You may get shocked about the truth…

Your whole life you’re working a job and trading your time for money. But have you ever asked yourself how money is created?

First of all, money doesn’t equal currency.

Money is an intangible store of value. Think of gold, silver, platinum, rice, salt, etc.

Now here’s why that’s important:

Before 1971 the central banks could only print as much currency as they had gold to back it up.

But in 1971 the US Dollar has been removed from the gold standard.

Since then, currency has been backed by nothing, making it practically worthless.

Today, banks can print as much currency as they want.

Currency in the form of paper and coins only makes up 3% of the world’s money.

The other 97%? It’s all debt.

Let me explain:

Imagine you want to buy a house. A bank gives you a $500,000 mortgage.

That $500k didn’t exist before. They simply “created” it by typing a few numbers on the screen.

So when you get a loan, you get money that has been created out of thin air.

Why is that important to know?

When the government needs money, they go to the central bank and ask for a loan.

The central bank gives them money created out of thin air, in exchange for government bonds.

This newly created money floods the system and devalues the existing money, basically causing inflation.


Why am I telling you this?

You are getting wrecked.

While you’re working hard to save money, the banks are printing it and ruining your savings.

The bankers are making millions while you’re working for a tiny amount of money.

So what can you do?

Play the game of the banks.

Besides printing money, the banks also invest in assets and make their money work for them. That includes trading.

And you can do the same.