avoid online scams
If you’re looking to make money online, and you have little to no experience, then you might find the enormous amount of cash generating systems confusing. Some might sound attractive while some others may sound completely uninteresting or boring. How to avoid online scams might be your big question here.

I will talk about one of the most popular ways to getting scammed online, and how to avoid online scams such as these.

Investing in various “companies” with different “visions and goals” seems to be popular these days. Many of them promise huge ROI (return on investment) which sounds too good to be true. These programs are called HYIP (high yield investment program). They are nothing but ponzi schemes where no real product or service is created or sold. All the money comes from people who invest in it. Due to the nature of ponzi scheme they all die sooner or later. Usually it takes 2 to 6 months to collapse — the scammers (the admins) will run off the money.

How do these HYIP systems work?

They all seem to follow the same principle, the same pattern, almost as if they used a scammers handbook.

I will explain their life cycle and behavior in bullet points:

  1. A new website appears with a new and awesome investment opportunity. Promising huge ROI. They often have a Facebook page as well.
  2. When you look at their About page you will see that there’s no owner, only the company registration information which is almost always in UK (United Kingdom). In addition they often present “documents” to prove their legitimacy. The question is, why do they have to prove their legitimacy so desperately? Just like many (if not all) non-democratic countries have “Democratic” in their official names!
  3. Their business area is usually “trading”, but I have also seen real estate, environmental activities and advertising as their area. It’s all bogus, their only profit comes from people who join the system and make the investment.
  4. They don’t accept CC (credit card) payments and/or bank transfers. Instead, they accept instant payment processors who don’t have money back guarantee and transaction reversals, and Bitcoin.
  5. Let’s say you made a small investment of $100, and
    1) the system promises a passive growth, and that you can withdraw $5000 after 60 days. Or,
    2) the system will pay you passively 2% profit on your investment every day “for life”.
  6. Next you will see that
    1) the amount is growing every day, and you feel hopeful, even happy.
    2) the system pays daily as promised, you can withdraw every day. This is to show people that it pays and “is legit”.
  7. About a month after your investment you will receive special offers something like “invest $100 or more, and we’ll give you 25% extra!”. Sometimes even 40-50% extra! DO NOT DO THAT!
  8. The previous point is the first sign of the system’s upcoming collapse. They are planning to pack their bags and run off with all the money. Before they do that they want to squeeze more with those offers.
  9. A couple days after that you will find your daily withdrawals “processing” or “pending”. This will go on like that for days or even a week.
  10. Their site suddenly disappears. Their Facebook page disappears around the same time. In some cases they talk about “being hacked” before they crash their website and delete their Facebook page.
  11. They will not come back, ever. They will be back with a new HYIP scam system that may have been set up even before they crashed the one you invested in.
  12. Some fake Facebook pages and Youtube videos will pop up claiming that they can manually withdraw your investment for a small fee (usually $20-$50), or they sell some software that withdraws your money from the “hacked” server.
  13. If you pay them you will end up ignored and/or blocked. If you buy the “software” you will get a passworded *.rar file with bogus contents, and ignored by the seller as well.
  14. This is a very typical HYIP SCAM scenario. If you’re lucky, then you can get your initial investment back before the system dies. Most people are not that lucky.

I have lived through 3 of these HYIP scams on my own, and then watched several other scam programs go through the exact same life pattern.

Some friends of mine got burnt very hard with these, and they also invited many people! You can imagine the feelings and emotions these people had…


My advice

If something seems too good to be true, then it’s not true, it’s a scam. There’s no way you can make $5000 from $100 in 60 days unless it’s a ponzi scam. I have even seen (and tried) a program that promised $144,000 from $500 in 50 days, and $384,000 from $350 in 75 days. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I would avoid online scams such as these, and stay far away from them!

Legitimate investment programs make realistic and often incoherent daily returns, less than 1% daily. Forex trading can make more, but it is a risky type of money making. It’s like gambling. You can also lose everything in one day. I wouldn’t suggest forex at this time, unless you’re an experienced trader.

I will suggest a few long term earning programs I’m using for quite some time by now. They are 100% legitimate business opportunities. You can earn passively or make even more if you’re an active networker. They have MLM (multi-level marketing) strategy so promoting it will be rewarded. The main difference between MLM and pyramid/ponzi scheme is the substance. MLM is used as a marketing strategy to promote a product or service that really exists. Pyramid/ponzi scheme doesn’t have any product or service, their only, I repeat, their ONLY profit is what the people bring in when they join.

Here are some of the best and solid passive income opportunities:

Avalon Life (Make sure you use the partner/affiliate/sponsor ID: AVX87782)

Trade Coin Club (StargateMax is your sponsor name/ID)

This list may grow as I try and test more ways to create long term passive income streams without getting scammed.


My last advice:

Avoid online scams!

Stay on the safe side and don’t lose your money to ridiculous investment programs!