I am going to repost an article here because the original can’t be shared on some platforms, because apparently it’s been censored. What a surprise huh?

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The Hebrew “Christian” Bible is full of propaganda and lies, that is why you have people writing about contradictions within it. I have no issue whoever you worship, or not, but I personally believe that weren’t all the mature grown ups tell us to read the fine print first? As someone who has served in a Christian ministry a long time ago, I had to follow my heart, and get out of it. When people who call themselves pastors or priests, who are in charge to feed and lead the flock, and do not have solid understanding of historical context, or facts for that matter, it behooved me to search for the answers myself and get them confirmed. Much of what I know now have made me go neutral. Of course, the other issue is if you truly worship a true Holy “God”, then don’t be a hypocrite and mandate wars and genocide. So much to be said about this, but I will spare you for now. I can go on and on about all the psyops, lies and propaganda given to our generation and much more from 1948. You think it was just politics they do that? The LIARS are everywhere, even in religion. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing. Even Luciferian witches who actually created and fund a Christian organization just to manipulate people. That is how “Charismatic movement” started. Again, a LOT to say.

I came to RESTORE UNADULTERATED TRUTH, not recycle stale primitive beliefs of this planet and your clueless ancestors. So if you don’t like me, that is your problem. I came here to give humanity a message from the headquarters, THETA. It is up to you, it is about your present and future lives of your Souls. I did not come to this world to ask for your (humanity’s) permission, validation and acceptance. I am already THETA/Prime Source sealed and approved. It is what is most important. Everything else means nothing to me. I am content when I have everything and when I have nothing. I know what is reality. The reality majority of humanity are busy with here are all ILLUSIONS in its grandest fashion. So shiny that it’s fool’s gold.

I am not going into a super briefing, so I am going to let you read what other researchers on the planet has done that you fail to open your eyes due to your ignorance (give credits to the Dark Prince):

“It is common to end a discourse on spiritual matters, (or end a prayer) with (the word) “Amen”. Few of us realize that the word ‘Amen’ is an Egyptian word. It refers to the Egyptian god of Thebes. The Hebrews adopted the word and it passed into Christian use as “Amen”. It is a petition for (the god – Amen) to fulfill our words. ”


“Yet another hint of an Egyptian influence in Christianity is the fact that even today, we still end prayers with the word “Amen”. Amen-Ra was the chief god of the Egyptians. The Church’s main tool for the conversion of the “pagans” was always the appropriation of the local religion’s most holy days and rituals. This allowed the locals to feel they were still worshiping the old Gods in the accustomed ways,”

– The Swindle of Truth: Ancient Egypt by Per Ankh

“Finally, we may note that the word “Amen” occurs in gnostic spells…..especially of Egyptian origin, and a sort of magical efficacy seems to have been attributed to this word.. The practice of answering “Amen” at the end of prayers appears in the Canons of Hippolytus (No. 146) and in the Egyptian Church
Order (p. 101).”

– New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia Thurston, Herbert. “Amen.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 1. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1907.

“The Israelite exiles from Egypt knew that Jehovah was not the same as the Egyptian god Aten, and so they presumed he must be the equivalent of the great State God of Egypt. It was decided, therefore, to add the name of that State-god of Egypt to all prayers thereafter, and the name of that Egyptian god was “Amen”. To this day, the name of Amen is still recited at the end of prayers in both Jewish and Christian religions.”

– Genesis of the Grail Kings by Sir Laurence Gardner; pg. 6

“Isn’t it strange that “Amen was an ancient Egyptian god that was supposed to be very powerful, so much so that every prayer began and ended with his name.”

-Praying To Egyptian God, Amen, By Subterfuge

“AMEN: In Egyptian Mythology, the mighty one (god) of life and procreation …later identified with the Sun-god as the supreme deity of Egypt, and was called “Amen-Ra.”

-Funk & Wagnalls, Standard College Dictionary

“The Egyptian Ruler Akhenaton had the people worship in the temples of Amen Ra, meaning God’s Sun/Son. At the end of the services they would say “Amen”, because they
were sending a prayer to the gods through Amen-Ra, God’s Sun/Son. Amen-Ra, served as a personal savior to them, since it (SUN) gave them all life.”

-Awaken to the Truth, Coptic Prayers. St. Basil Liturgy

“AMEN: An Egyptian divinity … He was worshiped … as Amen-Ra or ‘Amen the Sun’.”

-Smith’s Bible Dictionary

“No other “god” of the Egyptians has left so indelible a stamp upon the world – as this First Father of the Egyptian gods, known as Ammon, Amon and “Amen” which means
“THE ONE HIDDEN WITHIN,” Amen’s spell is so mighty that over twenty centuries after his last Sanctuary was abandoned to the desert sands, every Judeo-Christian prayer that is uttered – still whispers his name in closing. ”

– The Egyptian Mystical Rites by Jerry Clifford Welch

“When we did it in ignorance, maybe God looked past that. But now that you know the truth, what will you do? Will you continue to use the name of a pagan god to close your prayers? Is it too hard to change that now? Because you’ve been using the ‘amen’ tradition for a long time – will you rationalize and justify why you keep on invoking the name of the Egyptian god, Amen? Will you find a pastor or teacher to reassure you that “it’s okay to say ‘amen’ – Or … will you give thanks to God for revealing His truth and stop using the name of a pagan god?”

-And they all Said, “AMEN” by J.D. Roberts

“Again we can see how the pagans have been made welcome, been conciliated, by adopting the name of a pagan deity into the prayers of the Church [of Rome]. This deity became known as ‘Amen-Ra’, but he was only known as ‘Amen’ among the Thebians.”

-The Final Reformation by Chris Koster

“By ending our prayers in ‘amen’…one could very well ask, “Have we been misled to invoke the name of the Egyptian ‘Sun-god’ at the end of our prayers”? ”

-United Hebrew Congregation by Charles J. Voss

Alright, to the slow lazy brains: This post means — YOU WORSHIP MANY GODS. No different like your Ancestors. You use a person/s who doesn’t exist plus YOU INVOKE and SEAL it with AN EGYPTIAN GOD. Period. No discussions. End of story.

HOW will you close a prayer then? Say THANK YOU, THETA, angels, spirit guides, Elders and higher self. That I seal my words in trust and faith. There is not much protocol for it. When you pray earnestly, real honest, sincere, and PURELY DETACHED from Ego desires, with your heart and souls, it is heard. You are to be self-less at ALL times. THEN after you say your prayer, you sit there and listen. SHUT YOUR MIND. Time for them to talk back to you. They are not deaf.

You are NOT far from the spirit world. THERE IS NO SEPARATION.

Build a real relationship on the other side. THERE IS NO DEATH. It is all TRANSFORMATION. Death is an illusion you (and humanity with its primitive religions) created down here on this hostile planet.


Stubborn Brainwash!

I immediately saw a comment on the article, and despite all the information the person who commented is screaming brainwash. No one with common sense can talk like that, especially if they’re spiritually awakened. (See the comment chapter below)

Only a slave repeats his/her programming and refuses to wake up even if the reality is not so pleasant.

There are many credible and verifiable sources of information out there that debunk many or all the lies the religions have made people believe, generations after generations.

Weak people refuse to open their eyes to not-so-pleasant truth, because it feels safer and easier to live in beautiful lies and oblivion.

Let’s see this comment that made me write this chapter after the article:

A comment by a brainwashed person

“I do not believe this garbage. You need to know there is a God, and his son who is Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins. He died for he loved you and me and all of humanity. God is an alive supernatural force to be reckon with who defeated Satan in Heaven and threw him and his angels out of Heaven to Earth. God is coming back to get his true believers before he destroys the Earth, Satan, and all wicked humanity in it. There is God the father, his son Jesus Christ in Heaven. There is also a real Hell with Satan as ruler. When God comes a second time He will defeat Satan on Earth and chain him up in Hell for a 1,000 yrs. People who worship idols, or pagan gods or Satan are on the wrong side of the fence! There is life on Earth and we die, then there is judgement by Almighty God, then you have everlasting life in either Heaven or Hell for all eternity. You cannot hide anything you thin or do from God. He knows what you’re going to say, how you’re going to react even before it happens. He has ALL of the answers to all of your problems even future problems that you haven’t had yet. He will NOT force himself onto you. You have 2 choices in life: God and Heaven or Satan and Hell with darkness, or fire, torture 24/7 for eternity that the pain is real in Hell and magnified many, many times greater than on Earth! There’s no water, no hope of escaping, only 2000 + degree heat, screaming, moaning, lashing of teeth and your tormentors who can tear you from limb to limb only to be re-generated to be tortured in a different way. You better get your act together and ask God to come into your life and get his word (The King James Version) of the Holy Bible and read it. The ball is your park!”

This was written by a typical victim of the Bible — the book of smoke and mirrors, mind slavery, consciousness trap.

You may read further about the religious and spiritual deception.