BrainwashedHave you seen “The Matrix” movie where majority of humans are connected to a global system called The Matrix, and they are being fed the information fabricated by the creator(s) and manager(s) of the system? The people in it are literally brainwashed, they have no clue about it, no idea whatsoever. What would happen if someone from outside (free of the Matrix system, entering the system only to communicate with those in it) approached a group of people inside the Matrix and told them the truth about the real world beyond the Matrix? What would be their reaction like? Exactly. They would call the outsider a lunatic, crazy, pothead, conspiracy theorist, and they wouldn’t believe the story no matter what. That’s how the whole system has been programmed to work, because if all the people inside believed the outsider, what would happen? They would wake up, and then leave the Matrix. The entities behind that control system would lose power.

The same principle is at work in today’s world. Obviously not literally like in the movie, but the basic principle remains the same. No need to hide your head in the sand. Just open your eyes, or at least try to see the bigger picture without prejudice or any judging. I know what your mind says. It immediately starts fighting back and protecting the programming you have been subjected to since you were born. It’s like your identity which is like “in danger” if you considered any alternative versions to things you have been taught to believe.

How to tell if someone is brainwashed?

Most people seem to be ignorant and even robotic. That indicates deeply programmed states of mind and belief system. I have sometimes tried to touch the boundaries of people to see who reacts to this topic and how. I have faced different reactions. Most were immediately denying everything and shutting it down as if I had said that pigs are flying now. Then a few people didn’t show any reaction (maybe too modest and polite, maybe just neutral), and then very few who actually agree. The latter are often interested, wanting to know more, learn more.

Information is power, and it removes fear. Unknown can be scary.

A brainwashed person will deny anything and everything that doesn’t correlate with (or closely related to) their programming, they even fight for their programming. They also ignore your statements and new angles about certain things, especially when explaining them from outside of the programming. Brainwashed people cannot see the bigger picture, they are programmed to see only the “area” that their programmer has specified. They also consider everyone who’s not brainwashed stupid, evil, bad, wrong, and everyone under the same brainwash program good, brilliant, right and respectful. They deny of being brainwashed (of course!) and instead they accuse the “outsiders” (brainwash free people) of being brainwashed and mislead.

A great example is religion and God. Religious people are convinced that following a certain doctrine is the only way, and the only correct way, and everything else is considered evil, possessed, forbidden. Religious dogmas are also connected to this. Some of those dogmas are sins, blasphemy, demons, actual places like heaven and hell, a wrathful god (with lowercase g on purpose), God as some kind of separate entity acting in the space/void, and male.

What if I told you that there are no such things like sins, blasphemy, demons, satan, god’s wrath, and so on? These things have been fabricated to have control over people — by intimidation and fear. Also by having certain rules, and some rules say that there can’t be any other gods (basically saying that you have to follow this doctrine or be doomed, or any new or alternative information is blasphemy). That is completely wrong. If you can’t see this, then you really need to wake up.

Is it really so hard to understand?


Ignorant people will call this article a bunch of bullcrap, and call me a “flat-earther” or some other silly names. (A sidenote: the Earth is not flat by any means. Who claims that the Earth is flat is just some dumb ass hungry for popularity and clicks online.)
Religious people call what I wrote “blasphemy” and “evil” and “demonic”. Why? Obviously, according to their mind programming everything that threatens to wake the program victim must be considered evil and unacceptable, and it must be rejected completely without even thinking if it’s true or false. Their god has forbidden any other source of information, and even that alone should tell you something! The program makes the victim automatically protect the program. Very simple. Only the victim of the programming doesn’t understand that they’re in it. They ignore or fight any attempts to make them see that they are under a common mind control. With that said, it’s only up to them if, when or how they wake up.


How did I find out about brainwashing?

How did I find out about it? And why do I believe any of it over common knowledge and common religious teachings? Why am I questioning the information that must be true, because billions of people believe like that? And why do I think that my point of view is better than that of those billions of people? I’m not the only “weird” one. I’m one of the people who have opened their eyes and eagerly wanting to learn and evolve as much as possible.

I was kind of brainwashed by the society and schools, like “normal” people are. Although I was not quite normal anyway. I always had a bit different interests and different conversation topics compared to others. I rarely “clicked” with other people. I didn’t know why I was not “normal” like others. I also didn’t know about certain pictures, logos and symbols (including “sacred geometry”) being used to brainwash people.

I always had questions about the world, the universe, everything. Lots of unanswered questions. None of the common religions or teachings I have seen provide definite answers, they only beat around the bush or even mislead you, keep you away from the information etc. I mean, no religion, system, cult or anything like that will give you answers. Their founders and/or leaders only seek power and/or money, simple as that.

I have read the Bible many times, both testaments, and also the revelations part. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good book and has some good values for someone who needs a nudge back to light from a criminal life for example. But it’s just a stepping stone, not an absolute source of truth about everything.

To me it always felt a bit odd or off, it was not satisfying, it left questions unanswered and loose ends hanging. Lots of things didn’t make sense, and people actually accept those fairytale-style stories, perhaps because they have been told to never ask questions? At some point I started attracting interesting information about the human creation, the ET activities on Earth that happened long before the recorded history, and later I found legitimate (you may ask how can I be sure, then read above) sources that provided much information in short periods of time.

The interesting thing here is that the pieces actually fit together. There’s also twisted and distorted information being spread and taught, I learned to tell the difference as well. Now I can even understand the Bible and the parts that were left hanging or distorted, and I found out what actually happened before and during the events that book describes. Since the information got distorted by religious control system it’s no wonder that it can’t let you have the “dangerous” knowledge and become free.

Symbols for brainwashing and programming

I have also found out about various symbols that are being used to manipulate people on a subconscious level. Once you can recognize them and know their meanings, they cannot have any manipulative power on you. The symbols are everywhere, even where you don’t possibly know to look for them. They have been carefully chosen to complement the whole mind control system on Earth. Many people even use some of those symbols in their company logos or their own artworks without realizing it (possibly subconsciously guided to do so), and some actually know what they’re doing. The latter are aligned with the groups that are interested in keeping the humanity sleeping under the mind control.

To name a few common symbols that represent negative and/or dying energy patterns: the flower of life (and parts of it), yin yang, the golden rule (Fibonacci sequence and Fibonacci spiral which is its graphical representation), the (black) cube. The cube is usually one of the harder symbols to notice, but once you’re aware of it, you can actually notice it in many places, starting from the religious cross (an opened cube) and the law students hats, some monuments… They are also being used to keep people brainwashed.

Many alternative and holistic healers sadly use one or more of those symbols, and that’s a good indication that their level of awareness is not good enough. I would try and find someone else. However, you may tell them about the symbols, because they may be open to new information. On the other hand, they may get upset (in case they strongly believe that those symbols are real and have good energy patterns) and then you’ll know to walk away from them.

I should also mention that it’s not so easy to tell what information is true and what is distorted or even false. You must listen to your intuition which is not your brain or your logical/rational thinking. Your logical thinking has most likely been brainwashed. It’s easier when you relax, clear your mind, and meditate. Your intuition is right. Your conscious mind and beliefs can be manipulated and mislead, but your true inner voice is always right, it cannot be brainwashed.

It’s entirely up to you to decide how you want to think. I cannot force you to do anything. I can only show you that there are more doors in the box you’ve been living in. It’s up to you if you step through them, I can’t push you through.

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