I happened to see a web article with the same title – “There is no such thing as sin” by Matt Slick.

You can see it here: https://carm.org/there-no-such-thing-sin

The reason I decided to write my article about the same subject is that the website I linked above doesn’t provide sufficient information about it. He limits the whole conceptual perception with the confines of the Bible.

I merely want to make people wonder, make them ask questions about life and themselves, help people wake up from the system (Matrix) that has enslaved and deceived us for millennia. Not everyone is ready to read this yet. You will know once you have read it.

Does God exist?

In that article he says that “to say there is no such thing as sin is to say there is no God”, and, “But, if there is a God, then it makes sense to say that he is the Law giver, the one who reveals what is right and wrong /…/”

I would greatly disagree here.

It all comes down to the concept of what God is in the first place. Is God a person (“he, him, his”) or is God something greater than that, something you can’t put into a perspective of a being?

The Bible lets people believe that God is a person/being who is referred to as a male/father being (“he, him, his”), although the believers don’t say that God is a man. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Many people visualizing God as an older man with a white beard originates from the same root of misconception. We can credit religions for that.

The atheists don’t believe that God exists, and they also don’t follow any religious rules and practices. Religious people have called me an atheist only because I don’t follow their doctrine and belief system. Just because I don’t put my faith in someone else’s dogmatic belief system…

To say that “God exists” sounds cheesy. I don’t say that “God doesn’t exist”, I merely say that God is not a person/being/entity, and calling it a “he” or “she” is plain nonsense. Just like calling a car or a ship a “she”.

Moreover, I have also been accused of confusing God with “Mother Nature” (a “she” I guess) which is another limited misconception, just not as limited as the biblical God concept.

God is everything that manifests through all the dimensions and planes of existence, in so many ways we can’t possibly imagine with a human brain.

Whose rules?

Why do religious people (and non-practicing believers) believe that God put rules, restrictions and demands upon us? And disobeying would be a sin, you would be punished for your “sins”. Who is the warden? Who would punish you? God?!

They also claim that God is love and God loves everybody. And then they talk about corrupted beings that God rejected and cast out from “his kingdom”. Honestly, this does sound stupid and it makes no sense in the real world.

First of all, only a being like us can choose and reject something or someone. To say that God would choose some people and beings while rejecting others is totally flawed.

God and authority

Religious people (and non-practicing believers) seem incapable of comprehending one simple fact — the God of the Bible (and of most popular religions) is a being/entity whose power is relying on the amount of people following him/her.

Such entities also require blind faith. Turning away is usually met with covert or direct threats, fear, intimidation. It’s usually like this: If you reject God you will be doomed. If you refuse to believe in the God’s word you cannot be saved. If you worship any other (gods, beings, etc.) you are committing a sin.

Many people already awaken from this enslaving brainwash, and become free. They are very often met with exhortation, covert threats and fear mongering. The religious believers attempt to pull them back into the dead circle, and they claim them being corrupted by demons, satan, and whatnot.

Does any of it sound familiar? Does it now look like a huge conspiracy? This, my friend, is only the tip of the iceberg. The rest of it is another story for another day.

Will the sinners be punished?

No. Absolutely not.

If anyone were to end up being “punished” for his/her “sins”, then it would be merely his/her own manifestation. It would be based on fear of being punished, fear of something bad happening after “breaking God’s rules”. Of course, this fear comes from the same dogmatic brainwash system called religion.

A side note: the Bible is a book of religion, although not everyone who’s reading it and believing it is automatically religious by its conventional means. However, if you sincerely believe in a certain doctrine and set of rules, then you are religious.

The biblical God is a common false god

Very easy to demonstrate how and why, unless you’re a devoted Bible believer, in which case it can upset you.

The Biblical God is often referred to as the “Lord” and generally masculine figure. He’s usually depicted as a ruler-spirit who commands “his children” and “chosen ones”.

But you’ll see why the Bible is essentially lying to everyone.

This is how things are in reality:

  • God has no gender, no religion, no location.
  • God has no religious or racial preference.
  • God doesn’t need your belief, obedience, faith.
  • God doesn’t put rules upon you, rules that you must follow, or else.
  • God doesn’t choose/prefer or reject/cast out anything or anyone.
  • God doesn’t intimidate or manipulate anyone.
  • God doesn’t threaten or punish anyone.
  • God doesn’t need animal or human sacrifices or any other satanic acts.
  • God never cursed anyone, never wiped out anyone by plague.
  • God has no enemies.
  • God is not “a spirit out there somewhere”.
  • God is not “Mother Nature” or any other entity like that.
  • God is in everything that exists, existed, and will exist (and all that exists simultaneously).

All the atrocities described in the Bible are purely satanic. Yet the Bible makes you believe that it’s all justified, for some good cause… And the Bible also hints that God has some “enemy”. The so-called enemies are beings who don’t approve the Anunnaki agenda. Simple as that.

Then who is the God in the Bible?

It’s an extraterrestrial (ET) entity that has a well known name: Jehovah, Yahweh, Jehovani, and so on. I’m not sure if this entity has a gender, but let’s assume that he’s male, according to the Bible anyway.

The racial group he belongs to is known as the Anunnaki, and the branch known for religious brainwash on Earth is called the Jehovian Anunnaki. Also most (if not all) archangels are of the same ET group, or aligned with them.

Many Bible believers justify the atrocities and authoritarian behavior of their “god” because that character is their pillar they lean onto. Removing that would be shocking and painful. Yes, at first, but it would pass and open up a whole new world of better choices and individual freedom.

The Bible believers also compare their God with a “good parent who teaches his children”. This doesn’t stick at all, unless the “god” is indeed a being just like you and I, only in a different form. Only a ruler or dictator needs you to follow the command and rules he created. Make sense?

Humans don’t need a ruler to know what’s right and wrong. People who do things that appear wrong (violating the rights and freedom of other living beings) do it only because of the “possession” — genetic mutations and corruption of their multidimensional DNA. Done by the Anunnaki. Not all humans have human souls. There are many damaged entities incarnated as humans.

Sin in a different context

You could also consider things like ungratefulness, negative emotions, and self harm a sin. Not because someone would punish you for your sins (or forgive your sins if you’re a good follower), but because those things have a negative impact on life in general.

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I am not a hater of certain beliefs. However, what I don’t like is to see people lied to, deceived, enslaved, manipulated… I don’t have any problem if people believe or follow certain systems, programs, entities, if they actually know what/who those systems/entities are and what their plan/purpose is.