Blasphemy doesn’t exist for a simple reason — there’s no wrathful god(s) who would punish you for speaking something against a religious regime you (or your fellow countrymen) have been subjected to since birth.

blasphemy does not exist

Please don’t get me wrong, this post has nothing to do with atheism. It’s about debunking another known religious dogma.

Blasphemy as such was invented by a few more advanced cosmic races who have visited Earth for eons. They are also responsible for everything that’s been wrong on this planet. Religious wars, killings, sacrifices, brainwashing, everything in the name of false gods. Also genetic manipulations to cause aging, diseases, death, and of course, memory loss upon birth.
Those beings have their own agenda, they are not evil per se, they just lack compassion and consideration. This is another topic, though.

God does exist, but not as our contemporary religions depict. God is not a he or she, nor is it some kind of spirit flying around above its creation and playing with the world like a kid playing with Lego.

Blasphemy doesn’t exist because we reside in a free will time matrix. Free will means that every being has a free choice to do anything they desire. There’s no one punishing you for your “sins”. What ever you do, you attract things and events with the same energetic signature into your life. This is what we call “what goes around comes around”. God is not some sort of mean teacher who punishes us if or when we misbehave.

Blasphemy as a punishable act was introduced to keep the population under control by fear and intimidation. This makes sense, right? If there was a wrathful god (with lower case g deliberately), then we would see quite often people being struck down by lightning from clear sky, for example.

We are all parts of God/Source so there’s no need for something like blasphemy.
Only love, kindness, respect, compassion, and freedom.

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