I am sure you have seen emotionally intelligent and unintelligent people. Which one are you? Perhaps somewhere in the middle?

People who have a high EI/EQ or Emotional Intelligence seem a lot more stable and mature. They don’t create drama or participate in any.

High Emotional Intelligence

Having a high Emotional Intelligence means that you are in control, your life is not run by your emotions and random thought patterns. You are not like a ship without a captain.

You are not afraid to say “no” when you feel like refusing something. It does not mean some auto-refusal reaction to everything.

You don’t try to please others (everybody, actually). You stay firm and stable. You don’t throw out any random words that you may regret later.

Whenever a new emotion appears you will notice it and either let it pass or embrace it. Negative/unpleasant vs. positive/pleasant emotions, respectively.

What about low or no Emotional Intelligence?

Lots of people seem to act upon their emotions and their current emotional state. They are hard to rely on. They are unpredictable. They also suffer a lot.

A ship without a captain goes where the wind takes it. Not a good idea, right?

Another example compares it to a house:

Imagine that you are your house. Do you keep your door(s) and windows closed and locked? Or do you let anyone come in and walk through the rooms, do anything, say anything?

Or do you keep your door(s) locked and you pay attention and notice who wants to visit?


Having a high Emotional Intelligence proves to be very important in life, even more important than having a high IQ.

Leadership skills, relationship skills, mental health and overall well-being depend on it!

Test your EQ

If you’d like to see how intelligent you are emotionally, then you may be interested in taking the following TEST to find out.