We all know that it’s a matter of taste and preference. Some people like tattoos, some hate them, and some have no opinion at all.

However, the situation is really getting worrisome. More and more girls are getting tattooed (also known as “inked”).

I happen to be one of those people who don’t appreciate any tattoos whatsoever. Zero, absolutely zero.

When you google for tattoos you will see a huge amount of tattoos with highly negative meaning. There are skulls, dragons, religious symbols, death, misery, and many different Metatronic symbols.

Your body is not a public bathroom!

Young women usually have a beautiful smooth skin. A tattoo looks like a defect, a fault or an injury on that skin.

This is not beautiful or sexy. This is annoying and obstructing.

A removable tattoo for some special event or costume is okay, because it can be removed without a trace later.

I sometimes understand women who try to hide some scars with tattoos. If they don’t overdo it.

Have you seen heavily inked girls? I have. They had various writings, words, symbols, pictures on their skin. That was awful. I don’t want to be rude, but it does look like a public bathroom wall!

However, their personality can vary, from total bitches to nice and friendly people. Tattoos don’t indicate a bitch. They usually indicate a low self-esteem.

I could never think about being in a relationship with a girl who has tattoos. This is just way too unsexy… it’s a huge turn off, just like smoking.

If you happen to be a girl with tattoos, reading this, you would probably be upset, thinking that who this douche is (me) who dares to speak bad about tattoos. Of course you would never want me, nor would I want you as we are incompatible. Simple as that.

Weak identity, social pressure

The social pressure can be hard, but strong people don’t give in.

Today, people seem to think that they will look cooler or tougher if they had tattoos… and the more the merrier.

Studies have proven that one of the main reasons people get tattooed is a low self esteem. They don’t feel unique enough, or they feel ignored. They want to be heard, to stand out.

Getting a tattoo to compensate for that is a bad idea.

there are different tastes, but things get hairy when the plastic, rubber, metal, ink, and botox take the upper hand.

Your friends, your classmates, co-workers and community members may get inked, and if you don’t, then they may start picking on you.

People tend to dislike the ones who don’t go along with the herd. They feel like someone who goes their own way thinks that they’re better or something.

That’s usually not true at all. People who don’t go along with the flow are STRONGER PEOPLE. They choose what they like, not what others expect them to like.

It used to be like that about tattooed people, they were rather rare and odd. Now it seems to be the other way around, and that’s sad, really.

Tattoos and low self-esteem

Read more about this here: http://www.tricitypsychology.com/tattoos-are-a-mark-of-low-self-esteem/

Similar to the breast implants issue

I tend to understand a boob-job if you as a woman really have a flat chest.

Sadly, I have seen many beautiful girls who had something around B-size tits having enlargement done. Up to C and D, even DD.

Why would you do it? Think about the future. You will have those implants hanging like oranges in socks when you get older, 40-50 and above! Besides, it’s not sexy.

Natural tits are pretty, fake and especially big fake tits are not.

Of course I understand that there are different tastes, but things get hairy when the plastic, rubber, metal, ink, and botox take the upper hand.

Tattooed girls are like cars with dents

Yep. It looks cheap, trashy and cheesy.

The message or meaning in the tattoos doesn’t count here. A human body is not a walking graffiti wall!

By having your message or statement permanently inked on your skin shows your weak self, a weak character, a weak mind and soul… Shows that you want to prove something. But why?

Strong people don’t need to prove anything to anyone, and they don’t feel the urge to be “different” or “to stand out”.

So now you know why I respect girls with ZERO TATTOOS. They are stronger, self aware, mature, intelligent and spiritually better evolved. A remark: having religious symbols on your body or jewelry indicates the opposite!